Thinking of changing your house situation this year? 2019 is a good year to make the move. In the DFW area the market is shifting from a sellers market to a more normal neutral position. 2020 is expected to shift farther to the buyers side. 2019 is a year to take advantage of the shift when there is both seller and buyer leverage. Even if you are not looking to buy immediately, it is a good idea to know where you stand so that when your dream opportunity presents itself, you will be able to act quickly.

Getting pre-approved is an important first step. Here is a good link to show the values of pre-approval.

I can help you to contact lenders and understand where you stand. I can also help you to evaluate your current properties market value, projected time to sell, and the local market dynamics that you should consider. Putting these both together will be valuable in your overall decision making process.

Give me a call if you would like to discuss.